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How to become a Maitre de conférence

The TAB of the LABEX DEEP is organizing a workshop to learn "how to become Maitre de Conférences Universitaire (MCU)", a Teacher-Researcher position which is becoming an important option given the difficulty to get a job as a CNRS/INSERM researcher in France.

This "concours" is generally in French since you'll have to teach in French Universities, and this workshop will help you with all the administration procedure to do but also and very importantly, 4 MCUs and 4 DR/PU will tell us about their experience to have the vision of a recently accepted MCU as well as the vision from the jury.

If you are interested please save the date !!!

Wednesday 26th February 9.30h-12h

The training unit will open an inscription link since the places will be limited.

We'll tell you more about it soon!